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Happy New Year 2022!!!

A fresh new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. A time to re-commit to your wellness goals and move forward with strenght, encouragement and love.

At the end of each month, I like to look back at what my goal was for the month and ask myself a few questions:

Did I reach my goal?

What did I do well that helped me reach (or get closer to reaching) my goal?

What can I start doing to get closer to my goal?

What did not work and needs improvement?

At the end of a year, there is much to consider and I still like to divide it into pieces and review month by month. This kind of review can reveal patterns of behavoir that my be helping me or that could be getting in my way.

I'm starting January with a comittment to my own personal yoga practice. My goal is to practice 6 days each week and to honor moon days (new and full). Looking forward to the month ahead, I ask myself similar questions:

What can I do to help reach this goal?

Set a practice schedule that is doable

Go to bed on time

Set out practice clothes, mat and heater the night before

Eat nourishing foods

Another goal for 2022 is to teach more often. I have decided to add a public yoga class to my schedule and will teach on Sundays at 9:30 AM at Dirty Feet Yoga in Cedarburg (five corners area). A yoga community is a beautiful thing. I look forward to sharing yoga one on one and in small groups at Rise Yoga and with larger groups at Dirty Feet Yoga.

Rise each day ready for a fresh start and an opportunity to live well!


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