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Mindful March

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

2022 has started off as a year of reconnecting to my own personal practice, and teaching more classes. It has also been a year (yes, only 2 1/4 months in) of saying "yes"! I have said yes to a few travel opportunities and am looking forward to venturing out into the world more. I've added a few public classes at Dirty Feet Yoga, subbing for Kimberly as she heads off to Brazil. Because of this, my teaching schedule with have a few changes coming up both at Rise and Dirty Feet Yoga. (See Schedule Below)

March classes will have extra time devoted to mindfulness and meditation. While our asana practice can be considered a moving meditation as we use our breath as a focal point for the busy mind, a separate seated meditation practice can be beneficial. Seated meditation can be added to the beginning or end of a active asana practice or taken any time throughout the day. I would recommend setting aside just 5 minutes a day to start. Find a comfortable place to sit, set a timer for 5 minutes (or longer) and focus your breath. Mantra, a word or phrase, can be a useful tool for mediation. I've added a loving kindness meditation you can try if you like. (see below) You'll be amazed at how little time it takes to reset and find calm by just sitting quietly and breathing.

I hope to see more and more people in studio and around Cedarburg as the weather turns warmer and we are all able to venture out and connect again.

March Schedule or Public Classes

March 8-11

no classes or private sessions at Rise

Saturday March 12 - Dirty Feet Yoga

7 am Core

8 am Level 1-2

9:30 am Gentle Yoga

Sunday March 13 - Dirty Feet Yoga

9:30 am Level 1-2

Tuesday March 15 - Rise

6 am - 8 am Mysore / Self Guided Practice

10 am Restorative

Wednesday March 16 - Dirty Feet Yoga

8:30 am Core

9:30 am Level 1-2

11:00 am Gentle Yoga

Thursday March 17 - Rise 6 am - 8 am Mysore / Self Guided Practice

Friday March 18 - Dirty Feet Yoga

9:30 am Level 1-2

11 am Gentle Yoga

Saturday March 19 - Dirty Feet Yoga

7 am Core

8 am Level 1-2

9:30 am Gentle Yoga

Sunday March 20 - Dirty Feet Yoga

9:30 am Level 1 -2

March 21 - 25

No Classes or Private Sessions at Rise

March 26 - normal teaching schedule resumes (...until April 9th when I go on retreat in Costa Rica!!)

Loving Kindness Meditation

Fill in the blank below as you repeat these words to yourself:

May ___ be filled with loving kindness

May ___ be well

May ___ be at peace and at ease

May ___be happy

Round 1 - I

Round 2 - a loved one

Round 3 - an acquaintance

Round 4 - a difficult person

Round 5 - all beings

Round 6 - I (back to you!)

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